Houghton, SD

Being married to a rancher seems to present all kinds of adventures, but yesterday’s trip to Houghton, SD, was something else. Because the boys were snoozing in the backseat, John left us in the pickup while he met with a trucker friend of his. The boys woke up about 5 minutes after they left, so we spent the next hour wandering around Houghton (population approximately 12). 

This park was well-maintained, but the boys were disappointed because the only playground equipment around was a swingset with no swings attached. 

The two old guys mowing lawns were awfully suspicious of us. They must not get many tourists. But, it’s only 398 miles from Mt. Rushmore.  So, the next time you’re on your way to see the Presidents, swing on through Houghton; there’s lots to see. 

The Displaced City Girl 

4 thoughts on “Houghton, SD

  1. Your little boys are so cute. I am a cousin to your father-in-law, Ken. I didn’t get a chance to meet you at the reunion at Larry’s but love reading your blogs.

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