Love Thy Neighbor (Facebook Birthday Wishes)

Yesterday was my birthday; I turned 31. I have to say that my first year in the 30s was better than ALL of my years in the 20s. I’m way better at rockin’ mom jeans and a mini van than I ever was at being a cool twenty-something. But that’s beside the point…

Last Sunday my message at church was about the ways we can “produce the fruits of God’s kingdom.” The kids during the children’s sermon came up with a helpful list of ways we can produce those fruits: help people, be nice, smile at people we meet, etc. Well, yesterday was my birthday, and over 100 people wished me a happy birthday on Facebook! One hundred people took a few seconds out of their busy days to acknowledge me and send me some love. How awesome is that?! That’s God’s love. 

That’s all it takes, folks. Pass on the love. It’s life-changing. It’s life-giving. It’s soul-filling. I’m away from home and my family this week for seminary studies. Those little Facebook greetings showered me with love and happiness despite being away from home. Thank you. 

We have the freedom to love our neighbors so much. So, let’s share that love. Let’s produce the fruits of God’s kingdom. It’s amazing work. Who has a birthday today? I better go check and pass on the love. 

Smile on,

The Displaced City Girl 

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