The End

Seven years ago I started writing as The Displaced City Girl to help me cope with homesickness. It was a way for me to share stories about my new life on the ranch and express my feelings about moving away from WalMart. After nearly 32,000 views from my “followers” and 218 blog posts, it is time to let The Displaced City Girl retire.


Truthfully, I’m no longer that girl. Last spring I spoke to a group of women about the theme “Bloom Where You are Planted.” That’s precisely what I’ve done. I’m no longer displaced! I’m planted in this wonderful community and my faithful churches right next to my husband and boys. It’s exactly where I’m supposed to be. 

Thanks for checking in from time to time. You, my readers, made life easier for me, and helped me adjust to life in a new place. I’m grateful. 

What I’ve learned:

1. Give God thanks for everything, even the difficult moments 

2. Surround yourself with friends

3. Hang onto your old friends

4. Bloom! Try not to cling to the past

5. Cherish family time

May God give you peace!

The Displaced City Girl 

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