Saturday, June 1st, Grandpa’s Birthday

Happy birthday, Gramps! It’s been over 7 years since you’ve been gone. Today would be your 88th birthday! Crazy, huh? I just thought I’d write to share what I did to celebrate your birthday today.

Today was the 2nd day of the SD Synod Assembly. I spent the weekend at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in one of my favorite places: Sioux Falls. I’m into my 3rd year serving as vicar. I didn’t know what to expect when I began this journey, but whatever I imagined, this is better. I spent the weekend surrounded by pastors and church friends. Many of the folks I get to share my time with now are old friends of yours. Of course, everyone remembers Pastor Ike. You’ve left BIG shoes to fill, Gramps.

Today, I sat on a rock outside OSL and ate a sack lunch with a dear friend. We talked about things other than seminary, and it was wonderful (not that systematic theology doesn’t get me all kinds of jacked up). I also got to just sit and talk with friends and colleagues that I generally only see in passing. By the way, your good buddy Lee has another son being ordained! The legacy continues. But the best part of the day was sharing in the celebration as Constanze Hagmaier was elected bishop! Did you get to know her? She’s absolutely marvelous.

I wish I had some good pictures to share, but I got too caught up in the hustle of the assembly. I miss you and love you and just wanted to say “Happy Birthday!” Oh…and thanks for planting the seed. I give the credit to you.


Jaimie (The Displaced City Girl)

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