To My Boys

Dear Boys,

You are my boys. I holler out the door, “Boys! Time to come in!” When it is time to eat, I say, “Boys, come and eat.” I think your fart jokes are funny. You have taught me that kids are washable, so dirt, mud, blood…whatever, none of it bothers me too much anymore (except broken toe nails…I probably won’t ever be able to stomach that). You are so rough I can hardly believe it sometimes, but I have also learned you are tougher than I used to believe. You eat almost constantly. You don’t care what you wear. You prefer your hair messy [and unwashed]. You make everything into a gun or weapon. You ride your bikes too fast. You are my boys.

We are about to welcome a little girl to this family (at least that is what the ultrasound gal tells us), and I am not so sure what to do. You boys made me a mom, and it is my favorite thing in the whole world. Did I ever tell you that when your dad and I first met, we asked each other what the one thing we each wanted in life was? Your dad said he wanted cows, and I said I wanted to be a mom. How lucky are we that our dreams came true?! But truly, I had no idea what this motherhood adventure would entail, none of us moms ever do. You both know me well enough by now to know I prefer to be inside with books, but you have gotten me out on more adventures than I could have dreamed of. The idea of being a girl mom, makes me a little uneasy. What will we do?! Hopefully you train Junior to like picnics at the park, nature walks, checking cows, and playing outside. Otherwise, your sister and I are going to be stuck inside with our noses in books while you boys are out doing who-knows-what.

I know you two will be the best big brothers around, because you are already good brothers to each other. You are smart and caring, and I know you will take good care of a little sister. I just want you to remember what I said about moms’ hearts. God makes moms’ hearts in the most amazing way, because there is always room for more love. A mom cannot just love their child with half of their heart; they love with their WHOLE heart. Even if a mom has 13 kids like great grandma Nora, she loves each one with her WHOLE heart. So I promise to love you and Junior with my entire heart, always and forever, even on your grouchy days.

I love you SOOOOO much,

4 thoughts on “To My Boys

  1. You thought you knew the depth of your mother-love…be prepared to dive in much, much deeper, Jaimie!

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