Real Life

I believe most everyone has a real life and a perceived life. I see some people and am amazed at how awesome they are. One of the gals who does my hair is one example; she is cute, stylish, and never seems to have an “ugly day.” Most people seem to have the self that the outside gets to see, like the Instagram-self, yet they also have the real self – the version of themselves that isn’t plastered all over social media. I wonder if my adorable hair gal is like this? I have my doubts; she’s pretty awesome.

Photo credit: J. Simon Photography

A few weeks ago, my boys and I had our photos taken. It was a blast. Jamie Simon Photography in Groton, SD, has done such amazing work for my sister that I jumped at the chance to have her take pictures for our family. The session was like a fairytale. She had a beautiful gown for me to wear, and she found the most gorgeous location for the setting. It was so much fun. Of course, some of the photos ended up on social media. The comments I received were kind, generous, and uplifting. But, let’s get real…that lady in those photos isn’t me. Well, it isn’t the real me.

This is the real me:

1. I wear what’s comfortable. At 100 months pregnant that means thrift store overalls, because nothing else fits.

2. I don’t wear makeup unless I’m doing something special.

3. I wear sweats or stretch pants whenever possible.

4. My boys work and play alongside John and me, and it never looks like the scene in the professional photo.

Photo credit: J. Simon Photography

Living in an imaginary world is kind of fun, but it isn’t real. Maybe that’s what makes it fun.

I hope you aren’t afraid to let the real you shine, because this real life is pretty dang wonderful. Maybe some day I’ll write something more about this and the lady with the eye lash cream.

Peace to you!

The Displaced City Girl

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