Camp Week; Take a Moment

This week we’re at camp. It’s becoming a tradition, as traditions usually begin: one year at a time. Outlaw Ranch is a beautiful place. That’s an understatement actually. And, it isn’t just the hills, rocks, trees, and water; it’s the people. Gosh dang it, the people are amazing. I’d like to just stay here all summer, but the real world is already calling.

Outlaw Ranch at Custer, SD

I’ll be leaving camp early for a funeral. There is Sunday to prepare for, too. There are always things to do, right? So here I sit. I’m on a deck above the beautiful green where my boys are playing camp games with the “big kids.” I have a Jack Reacher novel on my lap, and I’ve actually had to talk myself into reading it. I feel like I should be working or something. But, I’m going to take these hours, because they won’t last. That’s the gift of camp, isn’t it? Time away in God’s creation. God speaks to us through his Word, but it sure is nice to simply sit in his creation for a bit. Thanks, God.

I pray, truly, that you can take some moments this week. Take some time to simply be. The dishes will still be there. The cows will still get fed. The things will get done, but they don’t need to be done this second. Take a moment.


The Displaced City Girl

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