Little Ranchers

My boys are growing up in the biggest playground imaginable. They get the privilege of living in a small town where they can cruise up and down the sidewalks on their bikes. They’ve got friends and tball buddies to spend time with and three parks to choose from. It’s a pretty sweet deal. But then, when it’s time for work or Grandma and Grandpa Time, they head to the ranch.

The ranch is a magical place where the food never runs out, snacks abound, and adventure awaits at every turn. It helps that this is also where Grandma and Grandpa are. Today we semen tested bulls. I use “we” loosely because I took a nap and wandered up for the last few bulls, but the boys got right into it. They learn so much while playing and having a good time. We all love the ranch so much.

This life is wild and wonderful. Thank you, God.

Peace and Blessings,

The Displaced City Girl

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