My Friend Erica

This is my friend Erica. She is awesome, or to use a phrase she herself uses: bomb dot com. Can you tell she has tween-ager kids and spends her time around church kids all day, e’ryday?

Erica is the type of person to dress up as a hotdog or bring a Martin Luther cookie to a party just because it makes people happy. She’s the life of the party and always makes sure a group photo is taken.

Life is crazy, right? It’s hard. It’s stressful. We are all pulled in a million different directions. It is my hope for you that you have or can find an Erica in your life: someone who plans VBS around a mechanical bull, spreads love like crazy, or just dresses up like a hotdog for funzies, because it is those people in our lives that make the hard days bearable and the good days amazing.

God bless you all today and all days!

The Displaced City Girl

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